Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

What is Candidate Relationship Management?

Candidate Relationship Management (or CRM as it's also commonly referred to) is a system used to manage interactions with existing and potential customers. In the recruitment world, CRMs are used to keep track of job applicants and to store information about them. They can be used to organize resumes and contact information, track the progress of the recruitment process, and organize recruitment campaigns. CRMs are also used to automate certain tasks such as scheduling interviews and sending follow-up emails. Ultimately, they help streamline the recruitment process and help recruiters find the best candidate for the job.

Why do I need one?

CRMs provide recruiters with an efficient way to manage the recruitment process. They can help reduce the time and effort required to manage large numbers of job applicants, and automate certain tasks that would otherwise need to be completed manually. Additionally, they provide a centralized database of information, allowing recruiters to easily access and analyze information related to job applicants. This can help recruiters understand trends and make more informed decisions. Finally, CRMs can help improve the overall recruitment process by providing a better user experience for job applicants.

What are the most popular CRM systems for recruiters available today?

Some of the most popular CRM systems for recruiters around today include include Pinpoint, Bullhorn and Jobvite, with BambooHR, JazzHR and Vincere also gaining popularity. Each of these systems provides different features and functionality, so it is important to choose a system that best fits your recruitment needs. Additionally, some of these systems offer additional features such as AI-powered candidate matching, which can be very helpful for recruiters. Ultimately, the best CRM for recruiters is the one that provides the features and functionality that best meets their needs.

What features do these CRMs have to help run recruitment campaigns and to target passive candidates?

Pinpoint offers a feature called “Attract" which helps recruiters identify the best passive candidates for a job. Vincere promotes it's “Mobile recruitment” feature as a way to enhanced the recruiters ability to search for passive candidates and adds the flexibility that allows recruiters to engaging them anytime – anywhere. Lastly, HubSpot offers “Campaigns” which allows recruiters to create targeted campaigns to reach passive candidates. All three systems offer additional features that can help recruiters run effective recruitment campaigns.

Tell me more about "talent sourcing" solutions...

Talent Sourcing is the process that recruiters go through to identify the best candidates for a job. Many of the tools available now use advanced algorithms to analyze large amounts of data and identify potential passive candidates. This data comes from job postings, social media profiles, and other sources. The goal of these tools are to provides recruiters with actionable insights about each candidate, including details about their skills, experience, and interests. Creating campaigns allows recruiters to reach passive candidates with messaging tailored to each candidate's interests and needs and also to promote brand awareness.

Recruitment Automation helps to automate the recruitment process and streamline the recruitment workflow. It includes features such as automated candidate tracking and assessment, automated job postings, and automated follow-ups. It also allows recruiters to build custom workflows and automate tasks such as scheduling interviews and sending out candidate reminders. Additionally, Recruitment Automation solutions often offer advanced analytics and reporting tools that allow recruiters to track the performance of their recruitment campaigns. We will take a look at some of these tools in more detail in the near future.

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